Jeremiah Stone
Vital statistics
Position Quarterling fighting the fallen angels
Age 7
Status Just recovered the Prophet from the fallen angels
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
 Jeremiah Stone is one of the main characters and is Jonah and Eliza Stone's younger brother.

Character HistoryEdit

Spirit FighterEdit

At the end of Sprit Fighter Jeremiah was able to see the angels talking with the Stone family and learned he was a Quarterling.

Fire ProphetEdit

Jeremiah had to flee with his brother and sister to a place where they were going to train. When they were attacked by fallen angels here he got partnered up with Jonah's roomate, David. He and David follow Jonah and Eliza when they snuck out of the place. When the cab driver said that he could only take three people he slipped into the hidden realm to ride with them. When they were faced with fallen angels Jeremiah recieved his first angelic power, The Belt of Truth. He got the hang of this power easily just by telling the fallen angels the truth about Elohim. When they faced the boss who captured the Prophet he used The Belt of Truth to defeat him.

Angelic PowersEdit

So far Jeremiah only has one angelic power, The Belt of Truth, which he recieved in Fire Prophet.