Spirit Fighter
Spirit fighter
Vital statistics
Author Jerel Law
Illustrator Unknown
Published on April 3, 2012
Published by Thomas Nelson
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Spirit Fighter is the first book in the Son of Angels series.


Thirteen-year-old Jonah Stone thinks his life is boringly average. Of course, that’s before he begins to develop incredible physical abilities. Apparently, he’s one-fourth angel and the Evil One, Abaddon, has kidnapped his half-angel mom as part of a plot to rule humankind. Nothing boring about that!

Jonah, his sister Eliza, and their guardian angel Henry are about to begin the most incredible—and dangerous—journey of their lives. Pursuing Abaddon’s fallen angels into the Hidden Realm—where the battle between good and evil takes place—they face a host of spiritual enemies all determined to stop them from rescuing their mother. Can they harness their powers and fight for all that is Good? Like Jonah and Eliza, you have to believe it can happen…


Main CharactersEdit

  1. Jonah Stone
  2. Eliza Stone
  3. Jeremiah Stone
  4. Elanor Stone
  5. Benjamin Stone
  6. Henry


  1. Jerel Law Website


Spirit Fighter Trailer

Spirit Fighter Trailer

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